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About Organizational Adulting

Organizational Adulting is a mindset. It involves demonstrating effective adult behaviors and engagement at work, maintaining adult-to-adult relationships and interactions between co-workers—at any level and across all departments—and interacting in constructive and responsible ways to get work done. You hear it in the way people talk, “We,” “Ours,” and “Us”. There’s a sense of collective effort and responsibility. Additionally, more than being cross-functional, you see the consideration for others’ needs, and you hear open and authentic conversations. When we’re adulting at work, it feels like we’re on a winning team—together, you have your eyes on the same prize and support one another. You can feel the excitement and enthusiasm, and what you get is a very human connection.

With over 25+ years of culture mapping experience—across various organizations and industries—we’ve uncovered many work behaviors and interactions that are, well, less than adult. Born from our experience, Organizational Adulting came to be. The XPLANE team along with Holly Noto, our Director of Consulting who has partnered with clients to design behavior change initiatives, board games, and strategy activations, will delve into and share insights that lead to better ways of working.

The time to adult is now.

Blog Posts

Below are our Organizational Adulting-specific blog posts. For additional insights and learnings across all of our solution areas, check out the xBlog


Radical shifts are happening in the way we communicate at work. Communicating to understand is replacing communicating to be understood. Sharing ideas is building human connections. More than ever, what and how we communicate can mean the difference between struggling or thriving in the workplace. 

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Feeling disengaged at work? You're not alone. In 2017, Gallup surveyed workers from more than 140 countries and found that 85% of those surveyed were either “disengaged” or “actively disengaged.” But disengaged employees are not doomed to soul-destroying days in the office.

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Divisive behaviors cause a host of organizational headaches such as apathy, low morale, and low productivity. But there are ways to address these behaviors and breathe new life into your organization.

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XPLANE has done a lot of culture mapping and uncovered many work behaviors and interactions that are less than adult – they are more often parental, adolescent, and even childish.

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While most people don’t feel comfortable talking about behavior at work, behavior, like feelings, is a critical part of work life culture. It's time to tackle the discomfort around workplace behavior head-on.

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Organizational Adulting Webinar Series

Our Organizational Adulting webinar series wrapped up in early May. Throughout it we explored how to uncover and develop the necessary human skills to work and adult better, together.

Earlier this summer, we continued the Organizational Adulting conversation at the Culture Summit in San Francisco. We hosted a couple of workshops. If you are interested in learning more about the Culture Summit or attending it in the future, check out their website for additional information.

Past Webinars


Explore Divisive Workplace Behaviors & How to Overcome Them

In our first webinar XPLANE's Director of Consulting, Holly Noto, and guest speakers, Mary Wharmby, Independent Consultant, and Ben Carmel, Learning Designer and Consultant, address divisive workplace behaviors and habits and how to overcome working with people who are politically motivated, territorial, and who work in silos.

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Overcoming Apathy and Disengagement in the Workplace

Holly Noto, XPLANE's Director of Consulting, was joined by Ben Carmel, Learning Designer, and Consultant, and they took a hard look at the factors behind, and solutions to individual disengagement in the workplace. It’s a common problem that often has a few key underlying reasons. In this webinar, Holly and Ben discuss specific strategies and tools that XPLANE has developed that have proven to make a big difference in creating an engaged and cohesive team.

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You Are What & How You Communicate

Holly Noto, XPLANE's Director of Consulting, and Ben Carmel, Learning Designer, and Consultant talk about the radical shifts that are happening in the way we communicate at work. Communicating to understand is overtaking communicating to be understood. Sharing ideas is the new way to save ideas. And more than ever, being aware of what and how we communicate will mean the difference between thwarting our purpose or thriving with purpose in the workplace.

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Workplace Behaviors

We’ve come across a variety of behaviors in the workplace since our founding in 1993. Perhaps you recognize and/or can relate to (some of) these. Follow us on our social media accounts, where additional behaviors will be revealed. Join the #orgadulting conversation online and let us know what behaviors you see around the workplace.