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About Organizational Adulting

Organizational Adulting is a mindset. It involves demonstrating effective adult behaviors and engagement at work, maintaining adult-to-adult relationships and interactions between co-workers—at any level and across all departments—and interacting in constructive and responsible ways to get work done. You hear it in the way people talk, “We,” “Ours,” and “Us”. There’s a sense of collective effort and responsibility. Additionally, more than being cross-functional, you see the consideration for others’ needs, and you hear open and authentic conversations. When we’re adulting at work, it feels like we’re on a winning team—together, you have your eyes on the same prize and support one another. You can feel the excitement and enthusiasm, and what you get is a very human connection.

With over 25+ years of culture mapping experience—across various organizations and industries—we’ve uncovered many work behaviors and interactions that are, well, less than adult. Born from our experience, Organizational Adulting came to be. The XPLANE team along with Holly Noto, our Director of Consulting who has partnered with clients to design behavior change initiatives, board games, and strategy activations, will delve into and share insights that lead to better ways of working.

The time to adult is now.

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XPLANE has done a lot of culture mapping and uncovered many work behaviors and interactions that are less than adult – they are more often parental, adolescent, and even childish.

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After a successful fall workshop that led to engaging questions and conversations, it became apparent that organizations of all sizes are facing serious challenges when it comes to workers’ interpersonal skills. Our webinar series will explore how to uncover and develop the necessary human skills to work and adult better, together. Details to come!

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We’ve come across a variety of characters and personalities in the workplace since our founding in 1993. Perhaps you recognize and/or can relate to (some of) these characters. Follow us on our social media accounts, where additional characters will be revealed.