Are you ready to get in touch with your visual side while solving problems and having fun?

If so, say hello to Visual Thinking School.

Challenge your design brain with our free, hands-on workshops where we practice putting shape and form to our thoughts while exploring methods of problem solving and communicating. It's an evening of doing and sharing with seasoned practitioners, newcomers, and everyone in between.

Whether we're drawing the process of making toast, using card games to explore user experience, or sorting a jar of random household items to examine organizational behavior, Visual Thinking School will build practical skills while enhancing and expanding your understanding of design thinking. Lead by a team of XPLANErs (who do this type of work everyday), you'll have the opportunity to address common work challenges, share best practices, and get to know other creative problem solvers in your community.

Visual Thinking School is a free, two-hour evening workshop that takes place in both our Amsterdam and Portland offices (every other month in Portland and quarterly in Amsterdam). Refreshments are provided and fun is virtually guaranteed.