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 Visual thinking gets people out of their chairs, focused on common goals, and moving toward action.



The act of drawing anything — a strategy, a process, a solution, or a plan — is the beginning of execution. If it can’t be drawn, it can’t be done.


What We Do


We facilitate visual thinking sessions to get teams out of talk mode and into design-and-doing mode. What is the goal? Why does it matter? Who will do what, by when?

What It Looks Like



e create visual tools
 to scale understanding across your organization and out to partners and customers.

Our Work


What We
Don't Do

We can help you get leaders aligned and drive faster, more consistent understanding. Only you can be responsible for your business results. To deliver impact we must have your active participation and partnership.

What It 
Looks Like

XPLANE sessions are intense, yet energizing - analog, yet completely modern. 

There are no presentations and projectors. We use paper, Sharpies, and Post-it notes to draw, write, organize, and understand. Everyone participates and everyone draws; everyone brings the ideas and explanations to life. The discovery session is clear evidence that seeing is believing, and that people promote what they help create. 


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How We're Different

Visual thinking is the fastest route from ideas to impact. 

Nothing delivers faster and more consistent understanding, leading to action and results.


Three Ways to Get Started


A sprint or a workshop gets you unstuck and moving quickly. Our team collaborates onsite with your team to explore ideas, develop prototypes, test and validate solutions. This is the fastest way to get quick wins but requires the most time and effort from your team. Sprints typically take place within a few days to 2 weeks with engagements starting at $25K for a one-day workshop.



A project
focuses on one area of high importance and potential impact. A project usually begins with an onsite discovery session with key stakeholders, followed by prototyping and development of deliverables. Projects are typically completed within 6-8 weeks and priced within the five-figure range.



A program
is a long-term partnership to align your team, build coalitions, and sustain company-wide change. We work with you and your team to develop a coordinated program of sprints and projects to drive impact and activate large initiatives at scale. Prices in the six-figure range are representative of Programs which typically range from 6 months to 1 year+.


Our sprints, projects, and programs are designed custom to your team’s goals.
Prices will vary depending on the amount of work to be done, how quickly you want results, and your team’s availability.

Looking for something packaged instead of a custom solution?
Check out our workshops for teams.

What Our Customers Are Saying


"XPLANE’s visualization process forces us to think things through, articulate, test, and validate our ideas. They help us distill complex ideas into stories that non-technical people can understand.”

Mike Zeigler
VP of Operations, Cox Media

DonnaF.png"The excitement level here is palpable. I cannot adequately express my own appreciation of the whole process. I’ve been part of five conversations just today about how much closer the staff feels to the mission and to each other and about all the different ways we are planning to use this tool. Your team is amazing. We are SO very lucky to have found you.”

Donna Frederick
Giving Strategist, St. Louis Community Foundation

FadiC.png “XPLANE has helped us understand more, work smarter, and advance more rapidly towards our goals. We count on XPLANE’s partnership to help us navigate along the path of change.”

Fadi Chehadé
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, ICANN

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