Clarify your vision.

Clarify Your Vision

Get leadership aligned and committed to a shared vision for your future customers and future business models.


Deploy your strategy.

Design and Deploy Your Strategy

Co-create the roadmap to moving from current state to future state, and equip your team with the practices to bring your strategy to life across the organization.

Improve your process

Improve Your Processes

Untangle roles and accountabilities to implement new processes with confidence, clear communications, and actionable plans.


Change Your Culture

Develop the mindset, organizational structures, and behaviors necessary for your team to think, make, and move faster, whether you’re scaling or need to become more agile.

Transform your customer experience.

Transform Your Customer Experience

Assess, adjust, and orchestrate all backstage systems, tools, processes, and people to deliver excellent experiences in every customer channel.

Our Work


Clarify and simplify your business processes

A leading hospitality company was losing business because their processes were interpreted and implemented differently by brands and franchisees around the world. XPLANE developed intuitive tools and onboarding that ultimately generated over $11 million in increased revenue per month in the first year.



Accelerate global deployment

With the corporate strategy in place, a leading logistics company needed to see changes executed quickly, but regional leadership was resistant. XPLANE developed a board game for both leaders to grapple with the same trade off decisions facing the organization. Understanding of the strategy went from 4 to 8.5 (on a scale of 1 to 10) after playing the game and deployment happened faster.

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Align your organization on a future vision

A global non-profit found itself in need of a robust organizational strategy. Inextricably linked with the growth of the Internet, they were keenly aware of how rapidly the digital, political, economic, and social landscapes were shifting. As a non-profit with just a few hundred staff but thousands of stakeholders around the world, they also faced unique challenges gathering input and building consensus.

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Implement a
global strategy

A category leader in logistics hired XPLANE to scale understanding of the strategy out to every layer of the organization. Execution and results exceeded expectations.

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Envision a new strategic planning process

The Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) hired XPLANE to help develop their vision and strategy. Through the process, XPLANE worked with the executive leadership team to gain alignment and gather and synthesize valuable feedback from multiple stakeholders throughout the city. 

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Implement a new governance model

One of the oldest American banks came to XPLANE for help because their data was trapped in silos, languishing in aging bolt-on systems. XPLANE designed an entirely new data governance model and with the team reporting to the CEO.

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Level up learning and development

A leading consumer packaged goods company known for providing excellent training challenged to develop an immersive game experience to replace their existing training program. Since the pilot launched the client has rolled out the game experience to all locations around the globe. 

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Transform your customer experience

A leading financial institution needed to reorient their entire organization around a new customer experience to stay ahead of consumer demands. XPLANE’s visual tools secured buy-in faster than expected which accelerated execution and reduced costs.

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What Makes Us Different 

Approach your most strategic problems differently to truly accelerate results that stick.

Visual thinking

Visual Thinking

Our proprietary methods drive shared understanding quickly by transforming  ambiguous and vague ideas and terminology into something concrete and tangible. Rooted in brain science, Visual Thinking allowing participants to access more information in a shorter period of time to explore, define, and bring ideas to life.

Benefit: Accelerates Understanding

Facilitation by design

Design Facilitation

Based in brain science, our approach to facilitation takes advantage of different learning styles to increase creativity and generate new solutions. Activate your whole brain through hands-on activities that combine visualization, game-based methods, and crowd-sourced insights.

Benefit: Accelerates Output



People support what they help build. Invite your affected groups into the dialogue to build solutions together, capturing the intelligence that exists in the organization, building trust in new ways of working, and sustaining the solutions over time.

Benefit: Accelerates Acceptance

People-centered design

People-Centered Design

Changing behaviors requires deeply understanding the people in the process—what motivates them, their needs and desires, and the reasons to change their current behaviors. Generate empathy to understand how people receive information to develop relevant, meaningful solutions that your team will embrace, support, and take ownership of.

Benefit: Accelerates Adoption

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