These worksheets—tested, adapted, and refined over the last 25+ years while working on client projects—will help you collaborate and co-create with your teams. Gain clarity and alignment and find the best path forward together with your team.





Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey Mapping Worksheet will help you and your employees visually chart the highs and lows of your customer’s journey as a team.  


Elevation Worksheet

Use the Elevation Worksheet as a way to align on what level of detail to focus on, because discovering the right elevation for a session or project is crucial.


Empathy Map

Everyone in your organization is driven by different things. The Empathy Map gives you a deep-dive into the underlying motivations of your people to uncover why they are functioning the way they are.


Future Practice Worksheet

The Future Practice worksheet brings teams or organizations together to align on a desired working culture. 


So, You Have to Give a Presentation Flow Chart

PowerPoint isn't always the best tool to help you present or move your idea(s) forward. Use this flow chart to help identify which resource may be the most useful to help you create understanding and move the needle.


Understanding Chain

Shift from a content-focus to an audience-focus; draw out meaningful requirements for your communication.


Ways of Working

Use this worksheet to facilitate a conversation with your team around how you want to work and what you expect from one another.