As a leader, are you facing organizational culture challenges? Do you have an awesome company culture, but you’re worried about losing the magic as you scale and grow? Or perhaps you’re struggling with company culture, and it’s derailing success?


The first step to getting the culture you want is getting clear on what it looks like. But it’s tricky to put your finger on culture. What’s the secret to making the intangible tangible? Using visuals and games gets beyond the superficial and generic to what’s uniquely true about your organization. Inspired by Gamestorming, here are six games XPLANE plays with groups who want to shape company culture and map their current or desired culture. These games are serious play–while you’re having fun in a group, you’re opening up challenging conversations and getting to the heart of a slippery topic. This technique is just part of XPLANE’s approach to culture mapping.




Anthropologist's Game

Move beyond value statements, explore the hard to see but deeply ingrained aspects of your culture.


Culture Crush Game

Clarify the specific elements of culture you aspire to be, by looking at both desirable and undesirable cultures.


Culture Madlibs Game

Get specific about the nuances that make your current culture unique.


Mascot Game

Get clarity about the culture your organization aspires to without relying on vague or cliché terms and adage.  


Star Employee Game

Move beyond abstracts, define authentic employee behaviors that work in your current culture.


Tightrope Game

Organizational values are rarely absolute–they are usually balanced by an opposite value. One way to visualize culture is to name the values in tension and the desired balance.