Clarifying Inefficient Processes through a Revenue-generating Onboarding Program

Process Improvement and Experience Design
Strategy Activation and Execution

After facing major growth, a global hospitality company found themselves losing time and money on a slew of haphazard onboarding and opening processes. Their opening process for franchisee-owned properties was documented in hundred of diagrams, which everyone interpreted differently. The franchisee-owners and managers were confused and it was negatively impacting the business.


XPLANE partnered with their team of researchers and managers for nearly two years. To immerse our team into the company’s current process and work collaboratively shoulder-to-shoulder with their team, we hosted a set of hands-on workshops and interviews with subject matter experts.




Confidential Hospitality Company


$11 million Increase in revenue per month

The Solution

The hospitality company transformed their new franchisee onboarding processes into a strategic advantage by rolling out an onboarding program complete with onboarding kit and process mapThe process map succinctly broke down the eight phases to opening a hotel at a high level, while the onboarding kit brought users through a deeper-dive into the details, processes, risks, and milestones of the program.

Final deliverable from XPLANE
  • Process improvement book.
  • Designed process book from XPLANE.
  • Simplify a complex internal process.
  • Process improvement.
  • Design a process.
  • Process improvement plan.
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