Operationalize Your Customer Experience Strategy

Strategy Activation and Execution
Organizational Transformation

One of Canada’s most beloved and most awarded financial institutions was ready for a change. They realized that their industry’s future wasn’t flashier marketing or more financial products, but a better customer experience. They already had the pieces and parts of a new customer experience strategy, drawing on lessons from innovators in other fields like Amazon, Zappos, and Google. But getting the whole company on board needed a major clarification and communication effort.


XPLANE began with a deep review of the new strategy, followed by an in-person workshop with leadership. Based on this, the team went to work visually explaining the customer experience strategy, first through a print map outlining key principles and shifts, and then a three-minute animation shown at an all-company event. The client saw themselves evolving from a simple background utility to an active financial catalyst; the map and animation explained exactly what that would look like.




Leading Financial Institution


  • Increase in Net Promoter Score
  • Increase in client retention
  • Continued guidance for implementation with the CX Roadmap

Reaction was swift and positive. The client’s collaborative culture had primed them for this sort of change. By communicating it clearly and enthusiastically, the client earned strong buy-in early in the process, letting them focus on implementation rather than a long slog of consensus-seeking. The map proved so popular that we made it into a large scale woodcut, which hangs in the client’s headquarters to this day. Over the following months, we helped their team with strategy execution, first by mapping out a detailed gap assessment to show where the organization needed to align, and then holding a multi-day ideation workshop with key stakeholders to come up with specific implementation tools. To test out this new vision of the experience, we partnered with a team of executives to run a series of customer workshops with 17 key clients to verify many ideas and fine-tune others. The final result was a detailed roadmap for implementation that continues to guide the client’s efforts to this day.

We can't find anyone else that does what you do. The speed which things happen, the talent, and the cross industry perspective you bring... We have other consultants that we thought would be able to help, but they can't come close to what you all provide."
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