Implement a New Strategy Across
a Global Enterprise

Strategy Activation and Execution

A global leader in logistics had dedicated years of effort developing a comprehensive new strategy for addressing the future needs of their enterprise clients. Now, they had to ensure that their regional managers had a deep understanding of their new strategy so the company could implement it quickly, cohesively, and consistently across all business units. 


With a company so large and a new strategy that touched every piece of the business, ensuring the success of the strategy roll out was a huge task. For over a year, we worked with their internal communications, strategy, and senior leadership teams to gather the right content, build solutions, test them with a wide audience, and iterate. Finally, we created an engaging game experience that could be deployed to 50,000+ employees all around the world.




A global logistics company


Management team's understanding of the strategy jumped from 4 to 8.5 (on a scale of 1-10).



The result was a game so engaging that when it was introduced at the company’s annual conference, it became the most popular session of the entire event. The game was created in six different languages and includes enterprise strategy learning maps, a physical game board, and a digital game for remote employees, all designed for employees to grapple with the tradeoff decisions embedded in the enterprise strategy. Teams were equipped with a facilitation guide and train-the-trainer sessions to enable leaders to facilitate the game and lead discussions with their teams. A final video animation brought the history of the company’s culture to life and set the tone for onboarding new employees.

Sharing strategic information has become more effective, and more frequent, since we brought XPLANE on board."
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