Vision & Strategy Development

In a world full of constant disruption, businesses need to be able to stay ahead of the pace of change and adjust their course responsively to new information, insights, and opportunities. We work with your leadership to co-create a clear vision, define the strategy to achieve it, and create the action plan to clarify it for your organization.


Problems We Help Solve 

  • “My teams are not aligned with our vision, mission, or strategy.”
  • “There are too many methodologies and books. We don’t know the right approaches for our organization.”
  • “The environment changes faster than our strategy and it needs to evolve.”
  • “We need help envisioning where we’re going and how we’ll get there.”
  • “Our teams/departments are focused on different goals and priorities.”

Strategy Activation & Execution

To successfully execute your strategy across your organization, you need to make meaningful connections between the plan and the groups of people who need to implement it. We help you align and engage your employees by creating unique programs that bring them from initial awareness of the strategy to living and breathing it in their day-to-day work.


Problems We Help Solve  

  • “We are struggling to drive employee buy-in and advocacy at all levels in the organization.”

  • “We need to engage and align key stakeholders in order to effectively execute our strategy.”

  • “Our small team isn’t equipped to drive this change throughout the organization.”

  • “We are struggling to break down the barriers between different departments, divisions, or regions.”

  • “Our leadership has communicated the strategy multiple times, and yet when asked most employees could not articulate what it means.”


Process Improvement & Experience Design

Traditional improvement practices often ignore the most important thing: Your people are what make your core organizational processes a success or a failure. Our adaptive approach helps teams work together to design processes and experiences that are flexible, customer-centric, and quickly adopted throughout the organization.


Problems We Help Solve 

  • “We need to design a better customer experience.”

  • “We need to redesign our process to improve results.”

  • “We need to visualize our processes to improve understanding and execution.”

  • “No one has the complete picture of how this process works throughout the whole organization.”

  • “Our employees can’t connect their day-to-day work to the organization’s purpose.”

Capability Building

Deep learning doesn’t happen in a one-time training or event—it requires a blend of immersive experiences, supportive learning tools, and touchpoints over time to help your people not just understand what they need to do, but how and why. When it comes to building up your team’s capabilities, we help you define the most effective curriculum, tools, approach, and blend of activities to develop new skills and put them to practice to accelerate better results.

Problems We Help Solve 

  • “We need our employees to learn new skills in a more engaging way.”

  • “We need to better equip our teams with the skills and tools to do their jobs.”

  • “Our current learning programs don’t support our company’s needs.”

  • “We need to build organization-wide capabilities that drive business performance.”

  • “We need a clear vision for our capability-building program that has a clear connection to our overall business strategy.”

  • “We don’t have the resources to develop and execute the most effective learning programs.”

Organizational Transformation

When it comes to large-scale changes that affect multiple parts of your organization, the biggest challenge for many leaders isn’t what’s changing, it’s motivating your people to accept and embrace a new way of doing things. To tackle company-wide transformation, we help you define where you currently stand, where you need to go, and the barriers standing in your way to co-creatively design the path to reach your goals successfully.

 Problems We Help Solve

  • “We want to be better at change management.”

  • “We need to break down silos in our organization.”

  • “Our culture needs to evolve as fast as our business is evolving.”

  • “We just went through a large organization change. Now our teams need to act differently to make it stick, but our whole organization is resistant to doing this differently.”

  • “I need my teams to move faster.”

What Makes Us Different 

Approach your most strategic problems differently to truly accelerate results that stick.


Visual thinking

Visual Thinking

Drive shared understanding quickly by transforming ambiguous ideas and terminology into something tangible. Visual Thinking organizes your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.



People support what they help build. Invite your key stakeholders to build solutions together, capture the intelligence from inside the organization, build trust in new ways of working, and sustain solutions over time.

Human-centered design

People-Centered Design

Changing behaviors requires deeply understanding the people in the process; what motivates them, their needs and desires, and the reasons to change their current behaviors. Understand how your people work to develop relevant, meaningful solutions that they will embrace, support, and take ownership of.


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