Creating Team Alignment Around Target
Buyers and the Selling Story

Vision and Strategy Development
Strategy Activation and Execution

The internal teams at Rackspace needed to get aligned on their professional services, high-level solution stories, and key benefits of their offerings. Business units were struggling to lead the roll out of the new services because the story was unclear and being explained in different ways throughout the company. The company needed clarity and alignment on their key buyer types and a one-page tool for communicating the story.


XPLANE partnered with Rackspace executives including the president and his directors, to clarify the value proposition. After multiple interviews with key stakeholders to understand the Rackspace Professional Services value proposition, we created visualizations that uncovered exactly where their teams were misaligned about their approach. In a final, one-day, visualization session, the six key stakeholders came together to co-create and get aligned on one visual map of their selling story.






One-day session increased executive alignment around the customer journey from an average of 2.8 to 4 (on a 1-5 scale), an improvement of 42%.


XPLANE delivered a fully agreed-upon visual solution story that Rackspace has used with both their internal teams and external partners to show where they’re heading and what their new services are. Not only was there a drastic increase in clarity around the value proposition for the new services, but the team saw a jump in sales after launch.


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