XPLANE Retreats

A transformative team experience
to create your best work yet.

It’s time to rethink the way you approach your offsite.

Endless, tiring days in conference rooms aren’t delivering creative, breakthrough results. Whitewater rafting trips are fun, but they aren’t going to create the high-performing team you need. What most offsite experiences get wrong is overemphasizing either the work to be done or the team building experience.


XPLANE retreats combine team performance, experience, and strategic work.


This approach is different.

We offer a unique retreat experience that improves team performance while getting work done. 
 Designing the Right Experience
We create an environment that allows participants to engage in a more mindful, reflective, and creative way of working.

 Unlocking Team Performance
The magic of a great team is not only what they do, but how they do it. We help teams define how they want to work together, and provide the guidance for them to learn and practice new ways of working.

Tackling Strategic Work
With the right environment and team dynamics in place, you're ready to tackle your most strategic work. Whether it's defining your company vision, planning your key initiatives, or anything in between, you will create your best work yet.
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Our retreats are intense, yet simultaneously restorative and energizing. 


We leverage visual thinking, co-creation, and user-centered design to bring out the best ideas and decision making from your team in an accelerated format. This is supplemented with a structured approach to observing, defining, and shifting team patterns of behaviors.
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What Our Clients Say...

This was a foundational and transformative experience for us—we know better who we are, who we want to be, what we want to create, and how to continue moving towards fully realizing our potential as a result of our experience with you."

Mary Li Program Manager for the Office of School and Community Partnerships, Multnomah County

We are seeing improved understanding of individual contributions and personal differences on our team. People are talking more freely now. They are giving each other feedback. That wasn't happening before.

Amelia Bond President and CEO, St. Louis Community Foundation

I loved the visual component of the session—makes communicating ideas much easier as well as providing common language for words and ideas. Both facilitators were top notch and kept us on task even as we moved around a lot."

Billy Banks Advisor and Mentor, Design for America

Where We Can Help: 
Company Purpose
Define your mission or purpose
Company Vision
Co-create the vision for your organization
Company Culture
Bring to life your desired culture
Strategic Plan
Identify and plan your strategic initiatives
High Performance
Create high-performing teams

Whether you’re a new team just finding your footing, an established team struggling to overcome unhealthy patterns, or a high potential team that has yet to achieve the desired results – we can help.

Create your best strategic work.
Establish stronger, more resilient ways of working.
Unlock results in everything you do together moving forward.
Contact us to learn more.

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