Envision a New Strategic Planning Process

Vision and Strategy Development, Strategy Activation and Execution

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) is a significant land owner in the Southeast Portland neighborhood and works closely with the city on development. The executive leadership team, including the president and the board, had many ideas on how to use this position to best fulfill their mission of engaging science learning experiences and inspiring informed action, yet they lacked focus and alignment. OMSI had already tried and discarded many traditional approaches to strategic planning. Time was going by and opportunities were being missed.

OMSI needed a vision and a strategy. XPLANE was engaged to help develop both. Beginning with a 20-year vision map, the challenge quickly turned into how we might develop an all new strategic planning process that would enable implementation and support organizational focus. In their view, they needed an approach that felt authentic to their ethos yet would support tough tradeoff decisions in their historically consensus-driven culture.


XPLANE began with a deep immersion, seeking to understand how information was consumed, how decisions were made, and how decisions became priorities. This included countless site visits, inclusion in the weekly leadership team meeting, multiple focus groups, and shoulder-to-shoulder workshopping on what decision-making might look like in the future. 






31% increase in employee’s understanding of company-wide strategy


Many opportunity areas were identified and co-created with various groups throughout the Portland community, including the city government, transit authority, native American groups, and science educators. The culmination of this effort was the basis of OMSI’s 5-year strategic plan, which links directly to their 20-year vision. In the end, we delivered a detailed, customized playbook that outlines the steps, the tools, and the practices needed to repeat this strategic planning process from beginning to end; everything from visioning and decision-making to execution and employee alignment.


I’m sold on the power of visual tools to communicate ideas. I use the maps to communicate the plan at least once a week—often more."

- Nancy Steuber, President and CEO 
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

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