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Vision and Strategy Development
Strategy Activation and Execution

The St. Louis Community Foundation (SLCF) was facing internal roadblocks around their company vision and strategy. Outside of the organization, people were confused about who they were. Internally, teams were pulling in different directions. Everyone had a strong opinion and avoided conflict, which created a hairball of internal politics that were getting in the way of progress. There was no common language.


XPLANE designed and facilitated a two-day executive offsite for the president and directors. The group worked to effectively explain their strategy and vision to key stakeholders, investors, and donors.Through the two days, the team was challenged to immediately enact new ways of working together to ensure that they were playing as a team while getting their most strategic work done.






Session participants understanding of the strategy grew from 3.17 (out of 5) to 3.83, a 20% increase.


With information and validation from the leadership offsite, XPLANE delivered a vision map that the executive team was fully aligned on. This tool was used for sparking conversations with colleagues, non-profits, partners, and donors. The president says that the session has completely changed the way the team works together: They’re now on the same page and heading in the same direction. Everyone on the team can better communicate what the company does and understands how and where they fit.

We got a tool out of this that we can use to have rich conversations with colleagues, employees, partners and customers.”

-Amelia Bond, CEO
St. Louis Community Foundation

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