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Whether you’re trying to better drive conversations with your employees or you need to scale understanding across your organization, visual thinking is a foundational skill and superpower to have in your professional arsenal.

XPLANE’s Visual Thinking Boot Camps are immersive one- and two-day learning experiences with our expert visual facilitators, peppered with real-life advice, examples, and demos. 

Boot Camps

We're offering Visual Thinking Boot Camps around the USA to train others to do what we do. Sign up individually or as a team to learn new skills, put them to practice, and ultimately transform the way you approach your work. 


Seattle, WA

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San Francisco, CA

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New York, NY

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Atlanta, GA

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Visual Thinking School

February 7, 2019
Wacom Experience Center
Portland, OR

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What Our Attendees Say


Attendees walked away from the visual thinking training with an abundance of helpful resources, activities, and takeaways, along with the knowledge, practice, and confidence to apply their learnings within their own organizations."

Annie Pomeranz
Digital Producer and Strategic Design Manager

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The entire workshop was brilliant!  If you are brand new to Visual Thinking, you will take away drawing skills and be able to implement new tools once you arrive back in your workplace. If you are more seasoned, this becomes a master class and you engage at another level; you observe how people respond to the tools and where points of clarification and intervention are most helpful. I could take the same workshop again and get more and different value out of it."

Kate Hayward
Facilitator, Curriculum Developer, and Visual Thinker at Sticky Knowledge


XPLANE’s visualization process forces us to think things through, articulate, test, and validate our ideas. They help us distill complex ideas into stories that non-technical people can understand.”

Mike Zeigler
VP of Operations at Cox Media

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We offer workshop experiences for teams inside of organizations, custom to your needs and goals.