Aligning & Optimizing Global Marketing Operational Processes

Process Improvement

After a major home goods retailer merged multiple marketing departments together, the corporate marketing group recognized the need to reevaluate and adjust their current operational processes in order to create a unified team that could effectively execute opportunistic marketing activities.


We kicked off with an eight-week sprint—really becoming immersed in the culture and collaborating with their teams onsite. Working together and using our unique design-led approach, we mapped out their current state and future state. The marketing department gained clarity around their processes and in their roles and responsibilities. With that knowledge, we helped them redesign and align around a more effective future state for the team and organization.




The marketing team was able to identify inefficiencies and overlapping responsibilities in their department.


The marketing team was able to identify inefficiencies and overlapping responsibilities in their department. Working together, we successfully created alignment and understanding around a future state for the team. A month after the project wrapped, they made shifts to people’s roles, and identified gaps in expertise which led to strategic hiring decisions.

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