Many clients hire XPLANE because they need support approaching change co-creatively, so that employees and staff are included and engaged throughout the process. Here are guiding principles that often chart our course.



Meet People Where They're At

Different stakeholders will be at different levels of understanding. This is the natural result of how human beings process information. We call the progression from first contact to embedded in the day-to-day functions, the Activation Curve (pictured above). The curve will follow the same sequence as the Barriers to Change cards moving from Problem Alignment, Solution Alignment, Engagement, Interpersonal, The Unknown, Execution. To move people from the bottom of the curve to the top, you must start with where they are today. Plot out exactly where each of your stakeholder groups sits on the curve today and where you would like them to be in the future.

Use the Change Activation Canvas to map key stakeholders to the curve and segment your audience. This is a fast way to break through the clutter of who needs to be involved in a change process and get clarity on where to start, where you need them to be, and by when.


Measure the impact of engaging your workforce and make the case that organizational agility is non-negotiable.

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Design The Journey

Once you have mapped the current state understanding level of your audience on the Activation Curve, you can design the experiences that will move them up the curve. Some experiences and communication tools are better at addressing different levels of the activation curve than others. By matching the tools and experiences to the current state of your team, you can build a robust activation plan.

Find out which communication tools or activities are best suited for your stakeholders. Download the Activation Building Blocks Worksheet to create your path.
Download the   Building Blocks Worksheet

Or download the Activation Tactics Card Deck to create your path. 

Download the Activation Tactics Card Deck

Looking for support in developing an activation plan that is co-creative, participatory and immersive?

XPLANE designs custom change activation journeys for teams of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to find out if we might be the right fit for you.