Take your creative thinking skills to the next level.

Learn the skills and methods XPLANErs use every day to solve challenges with our clients. Our workshops give you, your team, or your company an in-depth, hands-on learning experience with experts in innovation, design, and change. Bring XPLANE thinking to your world.


Visuals make the invisible visible and the complex clear. If you’ve ever watched someone express a complicated idea with a simple diagram or visual metaphor, you know that visual thinking can be a superpower in your professional arsenal. XPLANE offers one and two-day workshops that transform participants into visual thinkers, armed with the tools they need to communicate effectively through diagrams and images.


Does your workplace need to become more creative and innovative? Have teamwork and cross-functional collaboration become vitally important to your success? In today’s increasingly fast-moving business environment, individuals, teams, partners, and customers must learn how to work more creatively together. This kind of cross-functional, creative collaboration requires new skills and practices. Gamestorming is a holistic collaborative approach that makes it possible for everyone in the organization to participate in creative and design-oriented activities. Whether it’s planning a meeting, generating ideas, understanding customers, creating prototypes, or making better decisions, Gamestorming is a way for groups to “work better together.” XPLANE offers a one-day workshop where you will learn how to facilitate groups of people using the Gamestorming methodology. This method increases engagement, collaboration, and design thinking at work, leading to faster and better insights and outcomes.


Learn the secrets of compelling presentations from the experts who invented the clear, simple XPLANATiON. XPLANE offers a one-day workshop that turns everything you thought you knew about designing great presentations upside down. We’ll weave together best practices from the worlds of storytelling, information visualization, and graphic design into a simple methodology for persuasive communications. This course focuses exclusively on how to prepare the right presentation for the right audience. This is not a public speaking course – that’s a separate adventure.


Culture is too important to be left intangible and described by ambiguous words like "innovative," "collaborative," or "open." That’s where culture mapping comes in. A culture map makes the intangible tangible by answering the questions: What do we value? How should we work together? What makes people successful here? Who should we hire? What can guide us in decision making? XPLANE offers a two-day workshop to immerse participants in the latest thinking and tools for diagnosing and visualizing organizational culture. By the end of the two days you will have a robust set of approaches for diagnosing the culture you have, co-creating the culture you want, and visualizing these ideas so the invisible can finally be made visible.


What happens when the worlds of design and change management collide? It’s happening. Change management is ever-changing, impacted by innovations in design thinking, agile workflows, and behavioral science. XPLANE offers one and two-day workshops that practically apply a design perspective to activating change at scale within organizations. Perfect for participants experiencing a change effort that is stuck, bring your real-life example and we will workshop it in a hands-on, team-based solutioning environment. By the end of the bootcamp, you will be armed with a powerful new set of tools to transform your organization from the inside out and practice applying them to a real-life change challenge you are involved in.