When it’s time to explain your vision and strategy to the entire organization, how do you make sure they hear the same thing?

A major logistics company was having trouble aligning and articulating  its strategy for enterprise customers. With an annual conference approaching, and the enterprise portion of the business growing by leaps and bounds, management realized that their enterprise strategy was only vaguely understood, especially by the very people who’d be responsible for implementing it at the ground level.

XPLANE’s task initially seemed straightforward: a discovery session with the executives leading the strategy, followed by a communication plan for the rest of the organization. But just a few days into the project, both the client and the XPLANE team realized that people were misaligned on what the strategy meant to them, and not just the organization at large. Rather than proceed with business as usual, we started from the top, learning the deeper stories that drove the enterprise strategy, sharing them back to the planning team, and eventually converging on a more concise version of the strategy with broad buy-in and clear next steps.

For a company of this size, translating this understanding into visual assets meant working closely with their existing communications team, to take advantage of their considerable expertise and resources. The XPLANE team got up to speed on their existing efforts, made recommendations and provided content, then developed a comprehensive comms plan that included an introductory animation, focus maps, and discussion guides. A high-level visual map explaining the enterprise strategy became the plan’s centerpiece. Blown up to poster size, it now hangs in regional offices around the world, and also serves as the template for a unique and effective learning game to speed up comprehension.

The new Enterprise Strategy has already generated considerable buzz throughout the organization, with regional directors eager to receive their comms packets and get their teams aligned on the strategy. In the longer run, XPLANE’s involvement helps a massive, complex organization operating on a global scale to be as nimble and responsive as a startup.