When it’s time to advance your organization’s culture, how do you create the blueprint that gets you started?

The new CEO of a global non-profit had arrived with a strong mandate to help cast off its startup-like roots and grow it into a more professional entity with a robust international presence. While not an enormous organization, its 250+ employees were deeply passionate, mission-driven, and widely dispersed, entrenched in a deeply-rooted culture. Even getting a sense of how it all worked was proving tricky, to say nothing of creating a roadmap for change.

XPLANE’s engagement began with a series of one-on-one interviews with key executives and board members followed by a one-day workshop with selected staff. The team then went to work synthesizing the input from both groups and making sense of the varied perspectives it reflected, especially as it pertained to the CEO’s goals and executives. Working in tandem with a handful of senior executives, we were able to use this new understanding to craft a 30-page Culture Assessment & Change report. It included a pair of detailed visual maps showing the organization’s current and future structure, and highlighting key responsibilities and friction points as well as a set of detailed recommendations.

More than just a bunch of “you should” statements, the report made a case for each recommendation; set goals; identified obstacles; and gave specific, actionable tasks for both immediate application and long-term strategy. By mapping these changes in images, words and shared experiences, XPLANE delivered the resources needed to align both the executive and broader leadership team and ultimately gave them the blueprint they needed to make the change successfully.