A good strategy is vital but it is only the first part of the equation.

More than simply distributing a 50-page PowerPoint presentation, effective strategy activation requires distinct decision making accountabilities, clear roles and responsibilities, thoughtfully designed implementation and two-way communication plans, and the ability to work freely across organizational boundaries. XPLANE’s approach creates a space for the teams who are responsible for strategy execution to identify and co-create the systems, tools, and experiences they will need to implement successfully. In turn, this accelerates internal alignment, drives employee engagement, and promotes cross-functional collaboration.


“We need to engage and align key stakeholders in order to effectively execute our strategy.”

“We are struggling to drive employee buy-in and advocacy at all levels in the organization.”

“The team we hired to create our strategy isn’t equipped at driving the change throughout the organization.”

“Our internal teams are going to struggle to understand and activate such a complex strategy.”

“Today we are only communicating the strategy. We need to connect all the different parts of the organization in a way that resonates with everyone.”

“We are struggling to break down the barriers between different departments, divisions, or regions. Misalignment is putting our strategy at risk.”

“Our leadership has communicated the strategy multiple times and yet when asked most employees could not articulate what it means.”

Take a look at some solutions we helped build with our clients.

How does a diverse community come together to create a single vision of the future?


When it’s time to reinvent yourself, how do you make sure your employees are along for the ride?


How does an organization of focused pragmatists step back and see the big picture?


When it’s time to explain your vision and strategy to the entire organization, how do you make sure they hear the same thing?